Monday, December 30, 2013

Along the way ... December 30, 2013

Yesterday I attended worship at the Rock Church in San Diego, CA.  Guest preacher Derwin Gray challenged us to write a love letter to God thanking Him for adopting us in Jesus.  So from here on that is what this post will do.

Dear Father,

I count it a privilege to call you Father and to be known as your son because of Jesus.   This year especially this privilege is a real gift.  As you know, a few months back I lost my earthly father.  He was a great dad, not perfect, but I am thankful he was my dad.  The day after he died, I was sitting alone preparing to take the first of two major tests in Officer's Training and I silently whispered, "Father you are now my only father."  And I cried a little.  Those tears were because I missed my dad, but also because I knew I would never be alone because you will not ever abandon one of your children.  I don't know what it was like for you to have to forsake your son in order to adopt me,  but I imagine it must have been extremely difficult.  Thank you God for not abandoning me, and thank you Father that no matter what may come I know I will never be alone.

Your loving and grateful son,


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