Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13, 2014 - Along the way ...

This past weekend I was struck by the anonymity of many of the heroes listed in the Bible.   In particular there is an unnamed "young girl", a captive from Israel in 2 Kings 5:2.  This young girl sets aside her anger,  and any animosity she might feel toward her captor to share the good news that there is a prophet in Israel who can heal her master of leprosy.

Her simple act of love and grace sets off a chain reaction that ultimately reveals God to Naaman and gives Jesus an example to share with the misunderstanding crowds in Nazareth (Luke 4:27).  Her choice changed history and resulted in a story that would bring God glory many times over!

So this made me think.  What about you and I?  We are God's children, and there is no greater name we could be given.  The history books may never record our names.  You and I will likely never go down in history, but the truth is that our actions and choices can.  Why?  Because God can use our actions and our choices to bring Himself glory!

Just imagine, the choice you make today to show God's love to someone in need, could be the beginning of a beautiful story that will bring God glory for years to come!

Last week I heard the simple story of a lady who made a choice one day to show love to someone in need, and that simple choice resulted in a God-glorifying story that is still being written today.

This young lady (in her middle 30's) was a woman on her way to the top of one of the most prestigious news producers in New York City and the world!  One day she encountered a young man on the street.  He asked, "Excuse me, Ma'am.  Do you have some change?  I'm hungry."  The young man was 11 years old.  At first she said, "No", but she could not shake the words, "I'm hungry."  So she turned back and offered to take the young man for a meal.  That meal turned into a weekly occurrence, and eventually led to a complete transformation in that young man's life!

Now I don't know that our stories will be that dramatic, but I do that the opportunity to show God's love to others presents itself every day.  If we can have eyes to see and ears to hear, and if we will choose to respond, we will be amazed at what God will do to bring Himself glory through us!

So what about you?  Have you been part of an incredible God story?  If so, I invite you to share it.
If not, what might God be asking you to do today as we journey together along the way? ...

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