Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015 - along the Way ...

One of the great things about the annual American event that is the Super Bowl is the commercials.  Each year even folks who care nothing about American football tune in to see what new, inventive, funny angles advertisers will take.

This year, my favorite commercial was the one that made the most impact on me and my daughter Hannah.  It was the Coca-Cola commercial where the server attendant accidentally spilled Coke into the servers, and things went from hate and negativity to happy and positive.

I think that is what Jesus meant when he told us in Matthew 5:14, "You are the light of the world."

Let's face it we live in a very dark world.   There is a lot of negativity, or as Taylor Swift sings, "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate".  Most of us find it easier to criticize (not critique and there is a difference) than to build up and encourage.

The hate was evident in twitter feeds and Facebook commentary on everything from the commercials in the Super Bowl, to the halftime show, to the critical play call at the goal line, which appeared to "cost" the Seahawks the game.  (I'll spare everyone my thoughts on that - let's just say "one play does not determine the outcome of a game")

It is easier for us to hate than to love, yet love is the light that this dark world needs.

As followers of Jesus, we should be known more for our love than our hate, more for what we are for than what we are against, offering words to build up and encourage rather than tear down (see Ephesians 4:29).

Then I believe this world will see our light.

Let me know your thoughts.  Do you agree or disagree?  Did you have a favorite commercial, or do you want to comment on my statement that one play does not determine a game?  Whatever.  I invite you to share your thoughts as we journey together along the Way ...

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