Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015 - along the Way ...

Gluttony is another of the "Seven Deadly Sins" and temperance is its accompanying virtue.

Gluttony could be defined as "too much of a good thing".   Examples of gluttony are overeating, overexercising, over-TV watching, etc.   Anything activity that is described with the word "over" is most likely a form of gluttony.

At first glance, one might think that gluttony should not be one of the seven deadly sins because although it is misdirected desire it seems to affect only the glutton and not others around them.
However, gluttony actually affects more than just the glutton.   Gluttony prohibits the glutton from properly loving their neighbor because the whole focus is on himself.

So how does temperance counteract gluttony?

Temperance means "enjoyment of good things without overindulging".   One is temperate when she maintains the ability to say "No".   She might also say, "Yes" to enjoy the experience, but once she  experienced it, she will also say "No" to overdoing it.

Temperance allows us to enjoy the good things God has given us without them becoming "all-consuming" or unhealthy.

So what about you?

Can you think of other examples of gluttony?   Also, how might temperance be exercised in that situation?

I invite you to share your thoughts as we journey together along the Way ...

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