Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014 - Along the Way ...

This week we certainly have many reasons to give thanks and praise to the LORD!   He is good, and His steadfast love endures forever.  

It is good to state this up front because my thoughts today will be honest reflections on the brokenness of this world.   I am sure by now most of us have heard the news from Ferguson, MO.
To quote one author, "There are no winners."  It is a sad situation all around.   It is sad for the Brown family, and it is sad for Officer Wilson and his family.   Nobody wins.

And it is this brokenness that causes me to reflect.   I hear voices that say we should seek to listen and understand rather than speak, especially as white folks.   And I want to understand, but I am very confused.  I am confused that the rule of law, and respect for those who enforce the rule of law, seems to take a backseat to public opinion based on what has been shown to be false assumptions.

A while back I watched a video commentary regarding the Trayvon Martin case.  In the video, the commentator quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. from his "I Have a Dream" speech.  King said, "I look forward to the day when my sons will no longer be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."   I agree wholeheartedly, and also look forward to that day, but it seems we cannot get there.   Why?

When will we get to the point that the color of the skin of the shooter and the one being shot will no longer be a factor?   When can we see a day where the truth matters more than perception and public opinion?  When will the law, and those who enforce the law, be respected once again?  And more importantly, how will we get there?  What needs to happen for this to become reality?

I read about systemic racism, and I do not deny it.   Yet as a person called to the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18 and Ephesians 2:14), I am puzzled by what I am supposed to do.   How do you break down a system of racism?  How do you undo years of privilege based on realities which were put into place long before I was born?   How?

I wish I had more answers than questions, but this is where I am.   I invite anyone to share your own honest thoughts, questions, opinions, answers, and other responses, as we journey TOGETHER along the Way ...

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  1. I wish I had answers Joe, I only know my own setting and how in our situation, it happens one relationship at a time between members of our church and the members of our neighbourhoods, schools,social groups, etc. It is slow, filled with misunderstandings and even times of hurt on both sides, but also filled with much grace, forgiveness and caring because this is what both sides desire and slowly we're getting to all being on the same side.