Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014 - Along the Way ...

As promised here is my response to the question: "If you could change anything about your body what would it be?"

My initial reaction when the question was posed was, "I wish I could change my eyes."

You see, over the years it has always been my eyes that have prevented me from pursuing my dreams.
I was unable to become an Air Force pilot because my vision is impaired, I am color blind, and I have poor depth perception.   I was unable to become a police officer because I am color blind.   Finally, you can't make a very good race car driver if you have poor depth perception.   Imagine the wrecks I would have caused ...

So it has always been my eyes that have held me back, and if I could change anything it would be my eyes.   At least that was my initial reaction.

However, after I thought for a moment, I was reminded that I am who God created me to be.   I am the person with the unique body that God gave me, not to pursue my dreams but to fulfill His purpose for me.

If I had perfect vision, I may have never become a pastor.   If I had perfect vision, my dreams could have kept me from seeking first God's kingdom and His righteousness.   If I had perfect vision, imagine how blind I might really be.

Those are my thoughts, I invite you to share yours as we journey together along the Way ...

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